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Michigan LLC

Michigan LLC
Comercial and residential cleaning services.

Required Licenses and Registrations When Setting up a(n) Cleani Service LLC in , MI.

MI LLC certificate and an LLC operating agreement.

A Federal Tax ID EIN.

West Bloomfield Business Tax Registration (Cleani Service Business License)

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Setting Up an LLC Information
FirstQuinto CleanGroup, LLC. FitzJohn Doeson 9/14/2012 1:53 PM
Comercial and residential cleaning services.
Michigan LLC
Comercial and residential cleaning services.
Oakland County West Bloomfield West Bloomfield, 48324 I will not hire any contractors or employees.
As the majority of businesses, 99.9%, you will need an occupational business license even if you obtain a free LLC filing or you incorporate. In addition, you may need a federal tax ID number, and if you sell any merchandise, you will need a resale tax ID number. Also note that all LLCs need an occupational business license. Also, if the llc has more than one member, or you will file a tax return for the LLC as a corporation as opposed as a disregarded entity, you will need a federal tax ID number for the LLC.Starting a business fist step is to choose the tax legal structure. There are three major ones:1. Sole proprietor, 2. Partnership, and 3. Corporation or Limited Liability Company. All small, home or web based businesses as well as big businesses must choose and register as on of the above. In addition, businesses must obtain a business tax registration occupational license receipt. If selling any taxable items,a business must also get a reseller ID number to buy wholesale and sell retail. Finally, if a business is an employer, it needs to get a federal EIN and a State EIN.
Q:Is "piercing the corporate LLC veil same as in corporations case?
A:Piercing the corporate veil refers to the corporate protection that an LLC affords so long as you treat it as a separate legal entity. If you don't, you pierce the veil and you lose the protection so you become liable as if you were a sole proprietor.
Q:How would I know I am a series LLC after I become one?
A:Normally, the series status is mentioned in the LLC agreement and it does not appear on the face of any of the series LLC.
Q:How do I attract and sign up more LLC member investors?
A:This has to do more with the type of business and its prospects. If it looks good, investors may decide to buy interest in your LLC in exchange of membership interests in the form of certificates of ownership?
Q:How can I find out what licensing is required for my LLC?
A:Got to www.BusinessLicense.Info for business licensing information.
Q:What is a C corporation?
A:All corporation at formation are C corporations unless they elect to be S corporations. An LLC can be a C corporation and taxed as one if it decides so.
Q:Are there any tax savings in forming an LLC in Delaware?
A:Delaware saves you taxes because there is no sales tax and you don't have to get a business license if your business is located in another state. Nor is there any LLC income tax as in Nevada.
Q:Becoming an llc or a corporation is probably the cheapest insurance and a good way to save on taxes using several available strategies to reduce your tax liabiltiy but can one person be an LLC?.
A:Yes you can form an LLC even if you are one person with little or no capital reserves..
Q:How do I provide proof that I own an LLC?
A:The evidence that you own the LLC are the LLC certificates you will issue and the LLC operating agreement that will also state your percentage of ownership?
Q:Do I have to have a registered agent?
A:Do I have to have a registered agent?
Q:How do I get paid as a managing member of an LLC?
A:As a managing member of an LLC, you simply write yourself a check to get paid from your LLC.

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Q:How many people do I need to form an LLC?
A: Even just one person can form an LLC.
Q:Do I need to hire an attorney to help me file an LLC?
A: All states let you file an LLC without the help of a lawyer. You may want to consult with one on the other hand that may help you draft the llc agreement and advise you in your particular tax situation..
Q:How will I have to pay for taxes for my LLC?
A: With an LLC, you can elect to be taxes as a sole owner or be taxed as a corporation.
Q:   What are the differences between a limited liability company and a partnership?
A:The important difference between an LLC and a general partnership is that the LLC affords protection as a corporation does so you are not personally liable for business debts as is the case with a partnership.
Q:What exactly is an LLC agreement?
A:An LLC agreement is just a document that specifies the rights and duties of the owner or owners and the stake they hold in the LLC..
Q:Do I need to sign the LLC certificate of the articles of organization before you submit it to the secretary of state?
A:No, you don't need to sign the articles before we submit it for filing.
Q:What if I want to register an LLC in more than one state?
A:000 per year the best state to form an LLC is the state the business is located.
Q:Why do they call it pass-through taxation?
A:Pass-through taxation means that you can report the llc income through your individual tax return. This allows you both to offset personal losses against llc profits as well as avoid double taxation.
Q:Why LLCs have more beneficial ownership structure?
A:An LLC is perhaps better for foreigners because it allows them and for large numbers of LLC owners that it also allows as opposed to an S corporation that is limited to 100 shareholders.
Q:In what states may I set up a series LLC?.
A:Delaware, Illinois, Iowa, Nevada, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Utah allow for series LLCs.


Asked on: 10/31/2014 11:55 AM
What are the benefits of an llc vs dba sole proprietor and an S corporation?
10/31/2014 11:55 AM
LLC Benefits:
1. In pass through taxation, the member(s) that treat the LLC as a sole member LLC or partneship or an S corporation, do not have to pay LLC tax. Only member taxes.
2. Most new businesses choose LLC as a form of business ownership.
3. If you don't sign any loans by a personal guarrantee or you don't intentionally or negligently hurt anyone, an LLC will protect your personal assets such as your home, car or bank account against judgment creditors because of LLC business transactions.
4. Another benefit that cannot be discounted is that an LLC is more credible than a sole proprietor. After all that is a corporate entity, not a mom and pop shop. We will search for an LLC name availability before we file your LLC certificate.
5. A great benefit of an llc is that a foreigner can be an LLC member. For example, if you live in Mexico, you can be a member in an LLC in the United States.
Asked on: 10/31/2014 11:55 AM
By: james verdini
i filed for llc for time bandit courier but my fein# doesnt show up on my form ???
10/31/2014 11:55 AM
The federal tax id fein # does not appear on the llc articles of organization.  An FEIN comes in a separate than the LLC certificate document.
Asked on: 10/31/2014 11:54 AM
By: J.J. Spiritual Healing LLC
We have decided not to start this business, "Jay foe .J. Spiritaling LLC", and wish to cancel the LLC. It has never operated nor transacted any financial matters. How to we do this? Dr. Jamnett, President of LLC 000-695-286 No. 2531; 4478656 East 29th Street Loveland,CO 80539 Thank you.
10/31/2014 11:54 AM
To cancel the llc filing is easy if you have done nothing yet.  Simply call us to help you cancel, terminate and dissolve the llc.
Asked on: 10/31/2014 11:54 AM
how do i form a llc for free? nothing is "free".
10/31/2014 11:54 AM
True, nothing is free except love and some other nice things.  To obtain a free LLC filing simply purchase another registration from us such as a business license and or a federal tax id that you need anyway. If you sell taxable items, you will also need a sales tax id called a seller's permit. 
Asked on: 10/31/2014 11:53 AM
By: marilyn day
like to set up LLC for Real estate business. Rental properties? own houses that i rent? Need to set up LLC for this? How do i get started
10/31/2014 11:53 AM
Why set up an LLC?
An LLC offers asset protection and tax advantages.
LLC Asset Protection.
I think this is the great one that rental property or real estate owner investors should be convinced to form an LLC.
The usual liability liability that comes up with a rental property is if a tenant or a guest of a tenant slips and falls in the real estate premises and wants to sue you. As is the case these days, an that we are a sue happy society, people will sue for anything and as soon as someone knows or even suspects you own properties, you are a tempting target. If you aren’t protected in some way against people wanting to sue you, all of your personal assets such as your mansion and your Mercedes or BMW may be at risk if you are sued.
Tax Advantages.
An LLC offers options of pass-through taxation, avoidance of double-taxation(partnerships, and disregarded LLCs) or if you have the LLC taxed as an S-Corp  reduces self-employment and LLC net profit taxes. Of course your specific situation dictates the type of savings and protection that an LLC affords and specific structure and situation, and not all of those options would apply to everyone, but those are some of the things that may be of benefit. 
That is awesome you may say.  Yeah, it is cool and awesome but keep in mind that if you intentionally push someone from the balcony of your rental property, the LLC will not protect you against that.  Likewise, if you sign and personally guarranty a real estate loan, the LLC cannot protect your personal assets if you default on the Loan. I.e., the bank will foreclose on your personal property and your personal real estate not related to your LLC.  
Is there a way out of this?
Yes, but you must put your personal assets in yet another llc and you might save them... at least for a while. That is called the two LLCs strategy that we will treat in another answer. 
MI set up a free llc. MI form free llc